Team Appreciation Party

Last Friday, Birmingham Vineyard hosted a truly memorable Team Appreciation Party!

We would love to express our thanks to all of the amazing leaders and volunteers who serve on teams at Birmingham Vineyard! Check out this note from Andrew and Rosie, our Senior Pastors, expressing their gratitude to everyone who serves:

Dear team,

Birmingham Vineyard exists to help people follow Jesus, live life to the full and make a difference. You help that become a reality in all the different ways you serve. 

People often come out of a Sunday and say ‘What a great Sunday that was!" They often thank us but we know it’s because of you. People experience the presence of God, come to faith or their faith comes alive and your service makes that happen.  

You consistently go the extra mile. In fact we see many of you park round the corner to leave car park spaces for guests each Sunday. You come early and stay late and it's much appreciated. You open up your homes and lives to make space for those who are not part of community. You reach out to the wider city of Birmingham and beyond, to bring hope and practical help to many people in need.

What you do is seen, it’s appreciated and celebrated. Who you are is an inspiration and example to those you serve.

On Friday, we celebrated you with a great party! We want to say a special thank you to two incredible people who made the night memorable. Thank you to Reece Dougall, who made all the delicious food for the event. Thank you also to Andy Keast, who built all of the street food stalls which transformed the space and made a perfect setting for the party. 

Rosie and I, on behalf of the staff team and all the trustees want to thank you for all that you do in the life of our church.

Many blessings,

Andrew & Rosie McNeil

Photo credits to Daniel McNeil Photography

Thank you again for all those who came on Friday night!

If you aren’t currently serving on a team, we would love to help you find your fit. To express your interest in serving click the button below:

Velo Cycle Event - 12th May - Routes affecting services

Velo Cycle Event - Sunday, 12th May
Route information and road closures

This Sunday is the Velo Cycle event, which will impact routes to both our City Centre site and South Site.

Both sites are accessible and Sunday services will run as normal, but please plan your route ahead of time to assure plenty of time to get to church with the route changes.

If you travel by public transportation, you can find more information on how the event impacts bus and trains here: Velo Public Transport Routes

See map below to view access routes and road closures, and for more details go to

Velo Road Closures 12 May 2019_Page_1.jpg

Festivals, Healings and #Jesusisreal

How the Youth of Our Nation Are Making a Difference

The Kingdom of God is at work amongst the youth of our nation!

Media often portrays youth in a negative light, and there are lots of issues young people have to face on a daily basis. However, there is so much hope and passion in this generation! Across the UK, teens are responding to the invitation to relationship with Jesus, experiencing freedom through the Holy Spirit, and acting in courageous ways to make a difference in our world!

{ Hear the story of teens giving their lives to Jesus and spreading #Jesusisreal around their school >>> }

The youth of Birmingham Vineyard are fully engaging with the Kingdom of God. We caught up with Josh Evans, one of our youth leaders, to hear more about what’s happening with our youth…

Josh, what made you want to get involved with serving on the youth team?

I got involved because I wanted to see God's story in the lives of our young people, and have a lot of fun getting to know some great human beings. Before joining, I'd just finished a job where I'd see a snapshot in the lives of different young people each week, but when I arrived in Birmingham, I wanted to put down roots, and invest. It's been great! #BlessedToBless.


What have you been seeing God do in the youth over this past year?

The youth are constantly growing and surprising us all! It's been amazing to see conversations at Soul Survivor festival develop into decisions to get baptised. Over the last couple of years, a big cohort of the older youth has 'graduated' from youth and moved on to new things, including leadership in their new spheres. Following this, so many people have been stepping up and stepping out into serving and ministry, whether that's in band, tech, prophecy or prayer. 


Share a bit more with us about what the Youth Justice Panel is and how Birmingham Vineyard youth are involved?

Over the past year we have been involved with Tearfund, a Christian charity working towards ending poverty. This February they invited three of BV’s youth to join the Tearfund Youth Justice Panel - a chance to grow closer with God, learn about His heart for people and justice, and take action to make a difference. They found the first training day enjoyable and inspiring, looking at themes of waste, education, hunger and fashion. We saw the awe-inspiring example of Greta Thunberg who is taking on the world at 16 for climate change, and now our young people are in the process of planning their own actions so watch this space to hear more in the coming months!


How can our church support the youth that are serving on the panel?

If you would like to support, keep an eye out for what they're doing and joyfully join in, with prayer and practical help! Supporting our young people also means engaging with your own justice journey. What is God challenging you on? What sacrifices can you make for His Kingdom? It's scary, but, God wants his relentless love for his people and this earth to be at the centre of all of our life decisions, big and small. 

Read more about the Youth Justice Panel here >>>


What are you most excited about in the upcoming months with youth?

Festivals are a great chance to get to know the young people at Vineyard better, and see what God's doing in their lives. This year, I'm looking forward to a summer of celebrations with Dreaming The Impossible (DTI), as well as the final year of Soul Survivor. I know that God will be moving, so I'm just excited to see how.

Check out this video on DTI going BIG in 2020 >>>

How you can help…

You are invited to come alongside this young generation who are making a difference:

PRAY – Pray for the youth who are attending DTI Festival this weekend (3rd-6th May), for powerful encounters with God! Pray for the young generation of Jesus lovers – for courage, wisdom and kindness as they partner with God to bring the Kingdom into their spheres of influence.

YOUR JUSTICE JOURNEY – Join our youth in making lifestyle changes to bring justice to the world. For practical ideas and to read more about justice issues, check out

GET INVOLVED – If you are interested in serving with the youth team, or at DTI 2020 simply pop an email through to Aaron the youth pastor:

Easter 2019

Easter Weekend at Birmingham Vineyard

The crocuses and daffodils have bloomed and chocolate is everywhere you look - it’s Easter time!

Come join us as we celebrate Good Friday and Easter together at Birmingham Vineyard:


“The Presence”

(B5 7EP)

9:00am - 9:45am - Join us for a quiet, contemplative service reflecting on the cross and Jesus’ sacrifice. This service will be primarily self-led, with various stations that you can engage in silently. Communion will be offered. Hot cross buns and drinks will be served after the service.

10:30am - 11:30am - Join us for an interactive, all-age service, where we will engage in reflection on Jesus’ sacrifice in an active way. This family-friendly service will lead us through various activities as we engaging with the power of the cross. Communion will be offered. Hot cross buns and drinks will be served after the service.



10:30am & 5:30pm City Centre site
11:00am South site

Join us for an all-age service celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
There will be worship, a relevant teaching and interactive prayer activities.

Big Church March 2019

Thanks to all who were able to join us at Big Church last Sunday!

We had a wonderful time worshipping God together, hearing about the amazing ways that your generosity has impacted our city through Growbaby and Foodbank, learning about The Big Three resource ( and celebrating those who got baptised.

See you at the next Big Church gathering, Sunday 30th June!

The Big Three

Following Jesus Every Day

It can feel confusing knowing where to start with following Jesus and living His way every day. We want to make it as clear and simple as possible, so that no matter where you are at in your faith journey you can grow in your relationship with Jesus!

We’ve just released The Big Three booklet, a resource which outlines 3 simple spiritual practices that you can use every day to help you grow closer to Jesus. Physical copies of the booklet are available at our weekend services, or you can access Big Three Booklet PDF here.

Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.
— 1 Thessalonians 5:17

The Big Three

Read and Listen - Start your day by reading a bit of the Bible, asking God to speak to you about the passage and your day and make a note of what He says. Here are some helpful resources, if you’re just getting started we recommend scrolling down to the 5X5X5 reading plan, or to dig deeper have a look at some of the other resources.

If you would find having access to the bible on your phone or tablet useful, The Bible App is free and really helpful!

Pray Your Thoughts - Continue well throughout your day by praying, which is simply talking to God. Keep your talk with God simple, honest and continual - even through the tough bits of your day!

Continue well throughout your day by being aware of what is going on in your head and bring your thoughts to God through short simple prayers. If you want to grow in spending more time in prayer here are some great resources.

Another helpful resource -

Guard Your Heart - Finish your day well by reviewing your day before you go to sleep; giving thanks, saying sorry, and letting go. This is a good opportunity to trust God with what has happened and start the next day afresh.

If you find this helpful and want to develop this practice more, you might find the Examen helpful. Check out this video from Dan Wilt and Belfast Vineyard.

Another helpful resource -

Reflections from Vineyard NLC 2019

Last week over 1,000 people gathered in Nottingham for the annual Vineyard National Leaders Conference.

It is a powerful three-day conference for leaders to worship, meet with God, be inspired and spend time with other leaders from across the Vineyard UK, Ireland and beyond.

The main sessions were recorded at NLC, and you can listen to them here:

There were about 30 leaders from Birmingham Vineyard who attended this year. Let’s hear from them about what God was up to during the conference:

“Identity was something which was being spoken about a lot at NLC. God reminded me four times during the conference of a truth I have been wrestling with over the past six months - a truth on how he saw me and valued me which wasn't my conviction in my heart. I had been believing this lie over and over. The reminders came from four different people, one of which was a guy from St Andrews Vineyard in Pizza Hut - he had been challenged to ask God for a word for someone and I was that person - it was bang on and he and I both went away encouraged!” - Aaron S.

God often chooses to call us into things he knows we’re not adequate for so we’ll learn to always depend on him.
— Jay Pathak

“This was the first time I'd heard Debby Wright preach. She's inspiring and motivating. Quoting from a version of 2 Corinthians 6:2 on the theme "Now is the Time", she set the tone for the conference. One of her key points was "Now is the time to be confident" - both in our identity (it's God who defines who I am!) and in nurturing expectancy. She clearly longs to see people who have not met Jesus come into His Kingdom. Her challenge is for us all to be farmers sowing seeds, leading people to Jesus and investing in the next generation. At another ministry time, Debbie had prophetic words of breaking barrenness both physical and to enable us all to bring new life spiritually. I was affirmed in what I want to see in my neighbourhood and challenged to keep believing and stepping out in faith. Thank you Jesus.” - Pippa B.

Now is the time of God’s favour, now is the day of salvation
— 2 Corinthians 6:2

“On the first night I shared a table with three Scots - a Site Pastor; a young woman church planting in Stirling; and a church planter released to go that week with his wife and baby. Wonderful to see and hear the passion and drive to see God’s Kingdom come across Scotland. Then John and Eleanor Mumford shared about their work across the 15 global regions of the Vineyard church movement. They reflected upon some of the challenges facing the Church in areas of the world, and how much difference being part of the Vineyard family makes. Finally, and closer to home, it was great to see the development of churches birthed or released a year ago, in places like Leicester and the Isle of Wight, now growing healthily.” - Steve P.

Joy is not frivolous, it is not irreverent. It is the most powerful tool in the battle and it gives you a platform for breakthrough. Joy equals STRENGTH.
— Katia Adams

“I thoroughly enjoyed NLC. The talks were fresh and powerful, but the best thing was how the Holy Spirit moved across the week. There was so much expectation and the Holy Spirit’s presence was so tangible and at work. For me personally, I felt that there were some lies that I worked through with God, which left me feeling more free, and ready to run His race with new energy.” - Jon S.

There is a longing for and an expectation across the UK for the Kingdom of God to come. We are thankful to be a part of a movement who is saying yes to the life-giving works of God and you are invited to join us as we partner with Him to bring life in Birmingham!

Focus & Simplify

In 2019, God is inviting the Birmingham Vineyard to focus and simplify to enable deep growth in the community. Hear from Senior Pastors Andrew and Rosie McNeil as they share their hearts for this season:

Welcome to a New Year! As we start 2019 we just want to say what a joy it is for us to lead such an amazing church community.

This time last year Rosie and I were heading off on a Sabbatical. Since our return we’ve focussed on cultivating some new habits and daily practices that have helped us continue to grow. We’ve noticed, as we’ve looked at lives that are an example and inspiration to us, that often they have the same qualities and routines in common. They’re focussed on the things that really matter and they’ve fostered simple, daily routines that have shaped them.

For all of us, so many things contend for our attention. As we prayed about 2019, God spoke the phrase ‘Focus and Simplify’ to us. So this year we’re bringing into focus some of the practices and environments that will help us grow. We are focussing on the vision God has for our lives and our church. We are also simplifying the diary so we can put the spotlight on the most important building blocks of church: small groups, communities and Sundays.

Later this term we have a sermon series called ‘Formation’ which will explore some of the daily choices we can make to follow Jesus. The invitation and adventure is to follow Jesus, listen to His word and live more aware of His presence continually. As Jesus followers we want to become more like Him, living secure in our identity as loved children in His family.

As a church we don’t have a formal membership that says who’s “in” and who’s “out”. We are the kind of community where people take responsibility for their own growth and development as followers of Jesus. In the first accounts of the early Church we read that the people in that community “devoted themselves” to this life of faith together.

So we’re all responsible for our own growth! No one else can pray the thoughts in your heart. No one else can build the friendships you can. No one else can bring the perspective or encouragement that God has put in your life. We want to live life to the full. Over the years we’ve seen that the best way to deepen friendship and help our growth is when we learn to consistently love and serve one another with the gifts He’s given us, being committed to each other in small group and community.

For those new to faith or this church, we’re excited to launch the ‘Rooted’ course which will help you connect with God in every part of life. For more information, and to book go to

Together we’re called to be a community of people who are learning to follow Jesus, live life to the full and make a difference every day. A community that is shaped by the big story of scripture, practising the way of Jesus, led by the power of the Holy Spirit in extending God’s Kingdom.

Many blessings,
Andrew & Rosie