Andrew shares and advent message in the run-up to Christmas

Sun 14th Dec 2014

Lazarus joins us to (amongst other things) share some stories from his work with 222 ministries.

Sunday 7th Dec 2014

Today we celebrated with baptisms and dedications!

Sunday 30th Nov 2014

Kingdom Come

Andrew concludes the series and talks about how we are called to actively anticipate the coming kingdom.

Sunday 16th Nov 2014

Adam gives us some insight on prayer within the kingdom

Sunday 9th Nov 2014

Simon looks at how worship is central to God’s coming Kingdom

Sunday 2nd Nov 2014

When Jesus ascended into heaven he sent the Spirit to his followers, to both indwell them and empower them for life. God the Holy Spirit brings the reality of the kingdom into and through our lives.

Sunday 26th Oct 2014

Raising the expectation of the kingdom of God breaking into our lives at anytime.

Sunday 12th Oct 2014

Andrew introduces our new series looking at Gods Kingdom, starting with a kingdom attitude to Compassion and Justice.

Sunday 5th Oct 2014

Just Ask


In this series we celebrated the welcoming culture we already have as a church and were challenged to become more actively invitational in our lives.

Andrew concludes the series, talking about how we are called to be a living example, and point to Jesus in our conversation.

The video Lucy showed whilst talking about creating a conversation online can be found here

Sunday 28th Sep 2014

Simon continues the series - challenging us to share our faith with our friends, after all what's the worst that could happen?

Sunday 21st Sep 2014

This week Andrew introduced our new 3 part series, Just Ask, focusing on creating a culture of invitation within our lives.

Sunday 14th Sep 2014