New Year's Day

As we gathered together at the start of the New Year, Jeff shares about His journey of learning to accept God's personal, unconditional love - an invitation for everyone.

Sunday 1st January


Join us as we prepare for Christmas with our advent series.

This week, Andrew talks at our carol services about how we need to receive the gift of Jesus this Christmas.

Sunday 18th December

As we continue our Advent series Andy Smith teaches on the Holy Spirit.

Sunday 11th December

This week, we're journeying into advent together as Andrew talks about God the Father.

Sunday 4th December

Thank God It's Monday

During this series we're looking at how we live our lives on purpose and how that connects with our vision of bringing life to the city.

This week, a panel of experienced people from all walks of life answer questions about work and faith. Remember, everyone is a minister & servant of God.

Sunday 20th November

Andrew brings encouragement and challenge about how we should work at everything with excellence and integrity.

Sunday 13th November

This Sunday Adam introduced the series and spoke about how our work (whether paid or unpaid) is our primary mission field.

Sunday 6th November

Our guest speaker Adrian Hurst (leads Oasis Church) talks to us about chocolate, perspective, purpose and God flavours!

Sunday 30th October

The Me I'm Meant To Be


Jesus describes the life he made available for us as 'life in all it's fullness' in this series we'll see how to become the 'Me I'm Meant To Be'.

Ruth speaks from her heart about how Jesus heals the connection between us and the Father, while also restoring our relationships with each other.

Sunday 23rd October (Evening)

James gives a compelling message in our morning services of how we were made to live in community with each other, creating a Kingdom culture in the world.

Sunday 23rd October (Morning)

Pippa tells her story of God transforming her thinking, demonstrating how God can be like the Kintsugi Master, at work in our lives.

Sunday 9th October

This Sunday, Andrew & Rosie teach together on how we have been made to overcome adversity.

Sunday 2nd October

Aaron takes on the next instalment of our 'The Me I'm Meant To Be' series, and looks at how we should intentionally make time to spend knowing and enjoying God.

Sunday 25th September

In part 2 of our series looking at identity, Andrew talks about how God has made us unique, and encourages us to think about what we bring to the party.

Sunday 18th September

Andrew introduces our new series 'The Me I'm Meant To Be' looking at how God made us to flourish.

Sunday 11th September

Parables - Truth in a Story

Our summer series looking at the parables taught in Luke's gospel.

Aaron concludes our series looking at the parable of the faithful servant

Sunday 28th August

Continuing our Sermon series, Becky talks about the parable of the shrewd manager, bringing some amazing insight!

Sunday 21st August

In Sundays evening service Ruth also looked at the story of the Prodigal Son with a focus on the love of the Father.

Sunday 14th August

In our morning service Tony walked us through the parable of the Prodigal Son and how it's not just the Son who left that was lost.

Sunday 14th August

How does Jesus demonstrate how God searches for the lost? Fred talks us through the parables of the lost sheep & the lost coin.

Sunday 7th August

This week in our Parables series, Andy talks us through how Jesus taught us to count up the cost of following Him and that nothing should come higher than our love for God.

Sunday 31st July


Worship shouldn't be about your situation, it's a choice respond in love to the great gift of forgiveness we've been given. Jon looks at the parable of the two debtors.

Sunday 24th July

In this parable Jesus compares the Kingdom of God to a great banquet that we're all invited to, but we do need to accept the invitation!

Sunday 17th July

Adam teaches on the value of humility and taking the initiative in serving those around us.

Sunday 10th July

This series we're going to be looking at the parables found in the Gospel of Luke, Andrew introduces with an overview.

Sunday 3rd July

Money Matters


Money matters, it's unavoidable as we all have to handle it. During this short series we'll be looking at God's heart for our attitude to money.

Andrew concludes our series with a look at how a a Godly attitude towards money has outcomes personally and in the community.

Sunday 19th June

Ann gives some practical biblical advice on how God's perspective on money should affect our budget and Cap shares some of the story of the journey God's taken his family on with how they think about money.

Sunday 12th June

Andrew introduces the series, looking at how a generous lifestyle grows both faith and character.

Sunday 5th June

Andrew and Rosie share about where we have been as a church in the last 20 years and where we are now.

Sunday 22nd May


DNA - who we are


During this series we will be looking at our spiritual DNA as a church, focusing on some of the distinctives that connect us with other Vineyard churches around the world.


Andrew finishes our DNA series, looking at the importance of keeping in step with Holy Spirit? (Gal 5:25)

Sunday 15th May

This week Andrew fed back about his recent trip to Malawi with the Dalitso Trust. Then Jeff spent some time sharing with us about our mission to share the message of Jesus.

Sunday 8th May

Our guest speaker Rachel Turner explains how we can be unique individuals, but also part of a greater family.

Sunday 1st May

Aaron looks at Vineyard's involvement in compassion and challenges us that we shouldn't be content until the principles of Christ are applied to all.

Sunday 17th April

Exploring the Vineyard value of anticipating and welcoming the Holy Spirit.

Sunday 10th April

As a community worship is close to our hearts, bringing our whole selves to God in love and surrender, giving him our best attention.

Sunday 3rd April

We Believe

In preparation for Easter we will be spending the next 7 weeks unpacking what we believe as a church. 

Continuing our series, Andrew takes a look at the central role Holy Spirit has in our lives.

Sunday 20th March


This week our teaching was shared by Andy Smith in the morning and Joe Brook in the evening. They both took us through the role of the church by looking at Paul's teaching in Romans 12.

Sunday 13th March

Adam continues the series, explaining how the return of Jesus impacts how we lives our lives now.

Sunday 6th March

This week we celebrated together, while dedicating three new children in our community to God.

Sunday 21st February 2016

This week Andrew took us through why we believe in Jesus, looking at historical evidence and the biblical understanding of who he is.

Sunday 14th February 2016

Andrew introduces the teaching series we'll be following through during lent - We Believe. 

Sunday 7th February 2016

This time at Big Church Christy Wimber brought us a challenging message on 2 Corinthians 12:9 "God's power made perfect in weakness"

Sunday 31st January 2016

Mike & Liz Gowen take some time to explore how God cares about every aspect of us, including our souls.

Sunday 17th January 2016

This week Andrew looks at John Chapter 10 and shows us that if we are followers of Jesus then we need to be listening to him.

Sunday 10th January 2016

To start the new year Andrew takes us through Psalm 23, written by David later in his life, focusing on God being our provider.

Sunday 3rd January 2016