God has called us to build a church in one of Europe's youngest cities where the overwhelming majority of people are not following Jesus. Birmingham Vineyard exists to help people follow Jesus, live life to the full and make a difference. Our vision is to start groups, communities and congregations, where people can encounter God.


Follow Jesus

Following Jesus looks like engaging with The Big 3 and coming along regularly on a Sunday. It’s about putting in spiritual disciplines to consistently connect with our Father who loves to talk to us.



Live Life to the Full

We believe living life to the full means enjoying friends and living with purpose and freedom. We do this by being part of a small group, serving on a Sunday, and taking steps to freedom, through ministries like Sozo, marriage groups or money advice.



Make A Difference

Making a difference is about Kingdom culture, mission and ministry. Seeing what Jesus did and doing it. Making a difference is simply about partnering with God to see His Kingdom come.