Foodbank Bags Bring Hope

Your generosity with Foodbank donations makes a difference in our city!

It’s Harvest Sunday this weekend, a time to thank God for what He’s given us and to extend generosity to others. We’re collecting Foodbank donations at all our Sunday services and you’re welcome to participate.


Here’s recent story of hope from a Foodbank bag recipient:

“Mary” was referred to a charity which supports victims of trafficking and abuse. She has two young children and no recourse to public funds. Mary had met her ex-boyfriend in the UK eight years ago and when Mary was with him, he forced her into prostitution to give him money. She suffered from physical, emotional and financial abuse inflicted by him. She was hospitalised for one month once as a result. She didn’t report him because she was scared she would be sent back to her home country. When she found herself pregnant, he said he didn’t want the baby and left her when the child was one month old. 

Mary speaks only very basic English and has no family support in this country. Mary and her two children are currently staying in a small place with no kitchen. The family only gets £50 per week and they are struggling and relying on food banks for mere survival. 

The regular food parcel & the toiletries donations from Vineyard Church have made a big difference to her family. These are things she cannot afford to buy. They are thankful and feel someone cares. Sometimes Mary feels embarrassed to access the local food banks due to the language barrier. Her support worker from an agency that Vineyard partners with, can collect the food parcels from Vineyard Church and Mary can receive them directly from her support worker when she attends programmes at the agency.

Mary is not a Christian but she has started going to a local church because she believes it must be God who arranged the Vineyard Church to help her family.


Every Foodbank bag you donate is given to agency workers who tirelessly work to support and encourage individuals and families like Mary.

Join us this Sunday for Harvest and bring your Foodbank donations to a service.

For a list of Foodbank items that we are collecting, click here: