Vision: A Fresh Call

Birmingham Vineyard exists to help people follow Jesus, live life to the full and make a difference. Our vision is to start groups, communities and congregations, where people can encounter God.

A few words from Andrew and Rosie, our Senior Pastors:

Dear friends,

Welcome back to a new term, we hope you’ve had a refreshing summer! This Autumn we’re upgrading the way we talk about our vision as a church. Clear vision helps people know why we do what we do. It puts both the significant and the small acts of sacrifice in context. It helps to unite, mobilise and engage every person.

This is not about us coming up with a new vision. This is the same vision but with new clarity. It’s who we’re called to be and what we’re called to do as Birmingham Vineyard.

This term we want every person in Birmingham Vineyard to understand the vision: to get it, know it and live it.

Get it

Do you know why we do what we do?

Know it

Do you know it well enough to be able to communicate it to a friend?

Live it

Are you living out the vision in our city?

Many blessings,

Andrew and Rosie

There are a set of icons designed specifically for this process. They are clear, visual and memorable, to help the vision stick. You can find our clarified vision and these icons by clicking here.