God Is On The Move: 1000 Acts of Courage

1000 Acts Slide.jpg

At the beginning of September we set out as a community to do 1000 Acts of Courage with Jesus. Jesus promises us that “The Father is always at work, and I too am at work” (John 5:17), and we want to be a community that takes risks to participate with God in what he is doing in our city!

An Act of Courage could be big or small, a success or a fail, and anything in between. It could be speaking up to defend someone who is being bullied, sending an encouraging text to someone you normally wouldn’t interact with, chatting to someone at the bus stop and seeing if you could pray for them, simply meeting your neighbours you haven’t met yet; or anything else that, for you, is a courageous step out in faith.

Check out these Acts of Courage from the last few weeks:

Act of Courage with Housemates

“So I got back from Big Church and I was putting the Foodbank Reverse Advent Calendar up in my kitchen cupboard when got chatting to my house mates about it... about the giving bits to food bank and changing peoples lives because of the bags. They loved it so we’re going to do it together and we’ve now put it up on the kitchen door for us all to do!”

Act of Courage on Rubery Road

“I went to Rubery New Road today when I noticed that an elderly lady had fallen over, so I went over to see if I could help. I found out that she had hurt her hip and an ambulance had been called, but no one had the time to sit with her. I sat with her until the ambulance came and prayed for peace & healing.”

Act of Courage with a Schoolmate

“My seven-year old son shared an encouraging prophetic word he'd written on a card for his non-Christian school friend, and invited him to the Family Film Afternoon in December - his mum was really touched and said they'd love to come.”

God is always at work. How will you step out in courage? Share your story with us: