God on the move!

On Sunday we were really excited to see God heal several people who had physical injuries. One of the stories that was told was this one about a healing that has happened over the past couple of weeks. This is what Eleanor said:

"Some of you will know I injured my wrist at work a few weeks ago in April. At the next B30 community prayer event, 2 friends very kindly offered to pray for me because I couldn't even grasp something without dropping it and feeling sudden pain. My wrist felt pretty weird, warm and tingly at the time, and when I got up the next morning it was free from pain for the first time since the injury, even though my grip was still rather weak and my wrist was noticeably less flexible than the other one. But after the prayer I was able to put my own shoes on, squeeze out toothpaste with my left hand (as opposed to my teeth!), turn on taps and hold things. This felt amazing! I’d been getting so frustrated before as half my hand didn't seem to move, even when I willed my fingers to work. 

Then the following Sunday one of the 5-year olds in Discovery Zone wanted to pray for it too, so he and his Mum prayed for my wrist to increase in strength. It was so sweet and brave of him and I've been able to use my hand as normal all week since! God is so so good!!"

It seems as if healing is one of the areas that we are really seeing God at work, so lets press in and ask Him for more in the weeks to come!