1000 Acts of Courage

Acts of Courage Graphic 35.jpg

As a church we love to hear stories of people stepping out to be courageous in following Jesus and we long to see Him impacting lives around us. So this autumn, we are setting ourselves a challenge - to collectively carry out 1000 Acts of Courage! We would love you to join in!

An Act of Courage could be: offering to pray for a colleague, inviting a friend to church, joining a small group, sharing an encouraging word with a stranger, making the first move to say sorry, giving a thoughtful gift; or anything else that, for you, is a courageous step out in faith.

We have created a Facebook event as a way to record your Acts of Courage and we'll be sharing stories on Sundays. We'd love you to post courageous acts and see stories of others stepping out. No story is too small and we're celebrating courage not just success. Let us know of ways you've stepped out by using the buttons below:


Alternatively, you can post your stories straight onto your own social media accounts, using the hashtag #BV1000acts.

We're really excited to hear from you, and see what God will do!