Adventurous Faith

Every adventure begins with a yes. A series exploring a life of faith with Jesus, looking at biblical characters and Hebrews 11.

In the final episode of our Adventurous Faith series, Aaron walks through the story of Noah and encourages us to Believe, Build and be Blessed.

Sunday 19th February

This week, Andrew talks about how we shouldn't limit God by the things around us, but be inspired and expectant for more.

Sunday 12th February

Oliver continues our series, looking at how our identity affects how we do life, using the story of Moses as an example.

Sunday 5th February

During our Big Church service, Michael looks at God's promises; with the story of Abraham & his own story of him and Jess being called to the UK as examples.

Sunday 29th January

If our journey starts with a yes, what's the next step? Kate takes a look at how we can be faithful in times of waiting.

Sunday 15th January

This week Andrew introduces our first series of the year 'Adventurous Faith' starting by answering the question - What is Faith?

Sunday 8th January