Psalms that tell a story

In this series we're looking at what psalms David wrote in each season of his life and what he learned about himself and God.


During this series, we will be sharing some thoughts through blogs. Check them out here.

Rosie looks at Psalm 51 and challenges us to bring our issues and temptations to God, so we can live lives of holiness.

11am South - Sunday 13th August

This Sunday at City Centre, Andrew talked on Psalm 51 - how to avoid temptation and bad mistakes!

10:30am City Centre - Sunday 13th August

This week Jess looked at Psalm 68 and how knowing God's character helped David to trust Him through the good and the bad.

10:30am City Centre - Sunday 6th August

As our new series began at South site, Mike shared about how to know God, despite adversity.

11am South - Sunday 30th July

Ruth kicked off our sermon series by looking at how to deal with our emotions, while remembering God's goodness.

5:30pm City Centre - Sunday 30th July

Kingdom Living

In this series we'll be looking how we can live as people of the kingdom of God and be part of the world around us.

In this last week of our series, Jon Solway spoke on worship & expectancy and what it means in our day to day life.

5:30pm City Centre - Sunday 16th July

Notes for Small Groups

In this last week of our series, Andy Smith spoke on worship & expectancy and what it means in our day to day life.

11am South - Sunday 16th July

This week we're continuing the Kingdom living series, with Elaine teaching on how we're called to be a compassionate community.

11am South - Sunday 9th July

Notes for Small Groups

Continuing the Kingdom living series. In the evening service, Joanna also taught on how we're called to be a compassionate community.

5:30pm City Centre - Sunday 9th July

As we continue our series Andrew looks at how Jesus calls us not just to serve, but to be servants.

11am South - Sunday 2nd July

Notes for Small Groups

Elaine talks to us in our all age service where we also had dedications about how we as a church can be family and raise each other.

10:30am City Centre - Sunday 18th June

Jeff has  a very to the point message about God wanting to be your father.

11am South - Sunday 18th June

Notes for Small Groups

In part 2 of our series Adam teaches on generosity and it's impact on our spiritual and emotional health

Sunday 11th June

Notes for Small Groups

As Michael introduces the series, we look at how if we're a part of the kingdom God is building, we need to listen to what He's saying.

Sunday 4th June

Notes for Small Groups

Steve looks at who Jesus says our neighbour is then how much, why and how we should love them.

5:30pm City Centre - Sunday 14th May

Jess challenges us that to love our neighbour, we need to know our neighbour!

10:30am City Centre - Sunday 14th May

As we launch the South site Andrew looks at Luke 14 and how Jesus welcomes everyone.

Sunday 7th May

Our guest speaker Dave Pedersen from the Vineyard in South Africa brings a message on the Father heart of God.

Sunday 7th May

This Sunday Andrew takes a look at 4 reasons why the church was Jesus' plan to change the world.

Sunday 30th April

Elaine talks to us about the proof for Jesus's life, death and resurrection using the example of doubting Thomas that there's nothing wrong with asking questions.

Sunday 16th April


Stronger Together

During this series we're looking at how we can build a good and healthy relationship with each other, our families, friends and neighbours.

Becky looks at Philippians 2 to unpack what the bible teaches what it is to be humble because the dictionary's definitions is not really exciting. 

Sunday 9th April

Continuing the series Andrew looks at how we're not only called to forgive, but how it brings freedom as we do it.

Sunday 2nd April

Our guest speaker Rachel Turner continues the series, looking at 'The Power of Apology' in relationships.

Sunday 19th March

As we celebrate Dedications & Baptisms in an all age service, Elaine talks about the importance of committed friendship.

Sunday 12th March

This week Andrew introduces the series by looking at how the culture we live in affects our ability to relate.

Sunday 5th March

Adventurous Faith

Every adventure begins with a yes. A series exploring a life of faith with Jesus, looking at biblical characters and Hebrews 11.

In the final episode of our Adventurous Faith series, Aaron walks through the story of Noah and encourages us to Believe, Build and be Blessed.

Sunday 19th February

This week, Andrew talks about how we shouldn't limit God by the things around us, but be inspired and expectant for more.

Sunday 12th February

Oliver continues our series, looking at how our identity affects how we do life, using the story of Moses as an example.

Sunday 5th February

During our Big Church service, Michael looks at God's promises; with the story of Abraham & his own story of him and Jess being called to the UK as examples.

Sunday 29th January

If our journey starts with a yes, what's the next step? Kate takes a look at how we can be faithful in times of waiting.

Sunday 15th January

This week Andrew introduces our first series of the year 'Adventurous Faith' starting by answering the question - What is Faith?

Sunday 8th January