Day One - Compassion & Justice

SoulCare exercise: lay it down

What are you carrying that you need to put down? Jesus’ burden is easy and light. Spend some time focussing on the Lord, ask him if there is anything that you are carrying that at this time you need to put down. Any unforgiveness, anger, hurt or pain? Whatever it is that you feel you have to place at the foot of the cross, pick up receive elements of his character, which are freely given to you; his grace, his mercy, his forgiveness etc. It might help to place your palms down when spiritually putting things down and place them upwards when you are receiving from God as an active sign of an inward reality.


Petition & Intercession: Compassion and Justice

Compassion and Justice is an integral part of God’s heart. It is all about demonstrating mercy and bringing freedom, with the goal of seeing relief, restoration and reformation. This could be in big ways, but also in the small everyday acts of kindness. As you pray about this canvas hold both of those things in tension.

  • Pray for someone in your world that you could show compassion to.
  • Birmingham as a city has one of the highest rates of child poverty in the country. Spend some time praying for the council as they try to address this issue, but also for us as a church and how we can help to alleviate it.
  • Our world is currently facing numerous conflicts, especially in the Middle East, often leaving people displaced. Spend some time praying for the people showing compassion in those places, either as external charities or the church itself.