Day Five - Leaders & Nations

SoulCare exercise: Remember

In Joshua 4 – there is a great picture of the Lord leading Joshua and people through the discipline of remembrance, its purpose and its practicalities. To look forward it sometimes necessary to look back. Think about the last time someone prayed for you – what did you ask for? What did you feel? Think about the last time God spoke to you about his love – what did he say? When was it? Is it part of a bigger picture of what he is speaking to you about? When was the last time you felt you had a God dream? Did you write it down? When was the last time you experienced God in a physical way? Where were you and what were you doing? What was going through your mind?

When you ask yourself those questions – what is worth celebrating? Is there anything you learn about how God interacts with you?


Petition and Intercession: Leaders and Nations

We are called to raise pioneering leaders who will influence nations. We want to empower men and women, young and old who will lead in all sectors of society, not for personal gain but to serve God’s purposes.

  • Pray that us in our environments, whatever and wherever that is, that we could lead more like Jesus.
  • Pray for the local government and those in positions of influence over our city that thy would led with integrity and their actions would be filled with wisdom.
  • Pray for the up and coming election, that people would vote and that the decisions made on a national level would be wise.