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Live Lounge

We've lined up some great musicians and are looking forward to a fantastic evening! 

With a chilled atmosphere, a cash bar stocked with a great selection of ciders and beers and our social team working to create yet another stand out event, we're really looking forward to it.

Doors open 7:30pm 

This is an adults only event so all tickets are considered 18+


Single tickets are £5 or you can get 5 for £20

There will be some tickets available on the door for £7.50


The Artists

Luke Olly

An early memory of his is jumping around head banging to Van Halen, Aerosmith and Metallica as a 6 year old. At that point his parents thought it best for him to pick up the guitar as he already had aspirations of being a rock star. Since then music has followed him around, sometimes as his job, sometimes as a hobby, but always there.

“Now I'm found playing Disney songs to my two children or twiddling away in my shed trying to perfect a new melody or working out a new way of expressing old feelings.”


Lynsey Grant

Lynsey has been singing for more than 30 years. She has sung in many settings both secular and faith based: choirs, musical theatre, solo performances – yes, she’s even been a wedding singer! She has sung with worship bands, home and abroad. She is currently singing with the CfAN UK worship band and wrote a worship track called Create in Me on their last album which is based on Psalm 51.

“I simply love singing songs that are full of soul, passion and beautiful melodies.  It's a privilege to share a few with you on Live Lounge.”

Rob Masters

As a teenager Rob broke his arm very badly, requiring surgery and leaving him unable to rotate his left wrist at all for quite some time. He had several months of painful physio and had to work hard to regain his dexterity. He had to stretch his fingers and move his wrist about to play the guitar, which was a great help with the healing.

 “I've always loved music and losing myself in a song, trying to experience what the artist is feeling.  I mainly do covers and take great pleasure in trying to portray what I feel is the original artist's meaning, while also adding my own flavour. The selection I have put together for Live Lounge comprises of songs which have meant a lot to me through different seasons of my life. I really hope you’ll enjoy them.” 

Sarah Vex

Sarah Vex is a singer/songwriter with an eclectic love of music, guitars, rainbows, stars and sunshine. Her voice is reminiscent of someone with an old soul. Her hauntingly honest and familiar vocals represent a time when music and writing was the space between the notes and lyrics were understood across a range of ages and genres.

Sarah Vex began to teach herself acoustic guitar by listening to the hearts of various buskers and then watching the shapes they would make with their hands. Her vision is FORWARD focused. It is to synthesize all of the genres of her heart and create a symphonic wander from her spirit and brain.

Becca Wilkins

21 year old musician Becca is a second year music student, studying classical and jazz voice.  She fronts the fusion band Argle Bargle and more recently, the local function band Groove Directory.  She has also worked with organizations including Musica Mission, Miracle Street, and the UoB Big Band. 

“I have been playing and singing for as long as I can remember; music just seems to be the most natural thing for me to do. There’s such a joy and a thrill to play for people's enjoyment, to tell stories and to explore musicianship. Working alongside other musicians is always so inspiring and is one of the best bits.  All styles, all genres, music is just a big treasure trove to dig into and get your senses tingling.”

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