Doing Life Well

We kick the year off with this new sermon series on Doing Life Well. We'll explore what it means to live a balanced life according to Jesus.

This week Michael concluded our series, looking at Jesus as an example of how to live an emotionally and relationally mature life.

5:30pm City - Sunday 18th February

Small Group Notes

In our society with productivity and busyness being highly valued, how do we follow the longest commandment that God gave us, to have a day of rest?

11:00am South - Sunday 11th February

Small Group Notes

This week Andrew spoke about the importance of building both work and rest into the rhythm of our lives, then he took some time to explain the sabbatical that he and Rosie are embarking on.

5:30pm City - Sunday 4th February

Small Group Notes

This morning Jeff shared with us on the topic of suffering, looking at both the tension and the growth in those moments, whilst sharing from his personal experiences.

11:00am South - Sunday 21st January

Small Group Notes

At the City Centre site our guest speaker Rick shared a message on how we are called to be aware of the things that are holding us back and claim the freedom that Jesus won for us.

10:30am City Centre - Sunday 21st January

Continuing our series, Steve thought about the power of family, the words of Jesus and the story of Joseph, all whilst looking at how our past affects our present.

5:30pm City Centre - Sunday 14th January

Small Group Notes

This week Andrew and Rosie introduced our series and looked at the story of Saul in 1 Samuel 15.

5:30pm City Centre - Sunday 7th January

Small Group Notes